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Artwork & Personalization

The CardImpulz designers can work with various types of files, but to get the best possible results, and to avoid additional design costs, we ask you to do the following: Artworks with a ‘bleed’ of at least 3mm on all 4 sides and clearly indicate the font type.
For your logo’s and artwork we need a minimum resolution of 300dpi. Vector graphics are preferred. See our proof sheet movie, and artwork specifications to get a better understanding of Cardimpulz artwork requirements, and how a CardImpulz digital print proof sheet is made

Our designers can work with the following programs

  • Quark Express
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator (preferred) 
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • Corel Draw

We advice you not to use pictures of standard images (.jpg, .jpeg, .pict, .gif, etc.). In that case we can’t guarantee the final quality of the printing result. Please be reminded to check your spelling, layout and further specifications. Our proof sheet is a confirmation of your supplied artwork. We are not responsible for typing errors on artwork supplied by you. Cardimpulz Artwork Specifications (PDF).



CardImpulz can design printed or blank cards personalized with your desired data. To give you a clear picture here are some examples of what CardImpulz can do for you:
  • Increasing numbers
  • Unique numbers (generated by you or us)
  • Barcodes (various types)
  • Encoding the magnetic stripe (track 1, 2 or 3)
  • Encoding a Mifare chip
  • Personal data personalization
  • Photo and other personal data
Our standard personalization color is black, but CardImpulz can also offer personalization in red, white, blue, green, gold or silver. However the barcode can only be supplied in black, due to the fact that the readers only recognize black. Please be aware that the best quality read is achieved when the background is blank. Personalization can be done on both sides of the card.

The delivery of data can be done in several ways, but CardImpulz prefers an excel spreadsheet (e.g. .xls or .cvs) which clearly indicates what is what in each column. Please be reminded that Excel automatically removes the 0 at the beginning of a number. To prevent this from happening, format your cells as text.


We offer the following options, should your preferred method not be listed, please contact the sales department:

Photo ID Card artwork

How do you get the best result when you choose to print the photo ID card your self?

To print on a blank card the photo should be converted to your computer with the card design software in a series of recognizable bits. These days there are many digital cameras on the market that can make a constant series of photos. Photographers can do this until you have an acceptable result on the screen. The quality of the picture largely depends on the lighting used when taking the picture. Natural light is usually the best, but also geodesic halogen lighting gives an excellent result. CardImpulz advices you not to use fluorescent lamps such as fluorescent tubes which contain no full spectrum and will therefore not give a correct representation of the face. Obviously the resolution is also important; CardImpulz advices you to set the resolution of your camera at 640 x 480 pixels.

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