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Contactless smart cards

Have you had enough of wasting time by reading the magnetic stripe or barcode and also the fact that they wear off after time? CardImpulz understands you and can offer the best quality chip cards at the best possible prices because a unique Economy of scale, and because we purchase the chips directly from the chip manufacturers. Do not hesitate and contact CardImpulz, and request a quote for one of our card specialties, contactless smart cards!

Vast selection of chips available

Contactless cards or RFID Cards are the perfect solution when you require more security and control in your company or for your event. A big advantage of contactless cards is that it allows your customers, visitors or members to identify themselves in a fast and efficient way. Because of the RFID application they can just simply hold their bag or wallet (containing the contactless card) in front of the reader to access.

In large parts of Asia it is already so common that almost every organization prefers a contactless card instead of the standard plastic card.

Contactless cards from CardImpulz are perfect for

  • Access control systems in hotel rooms
  • Public transportation systems
  • Payment (schools, companies, museums, stadiums, etc.)
  • Access control at events
  • Identification (government ID, Hospital badge, insurance card, etc.)
  • Access cards for marinas or camping sites
  • VIP access cards (golf club, dance club etc.)
  • Distinguishing between different access levels (e.g. VIP’s)

By using contactless cards from CardImpulz you are guaranteed to have better security, faster rotation at the counter/gate and a more professional attitude towards your customers.

The contactless cards can be supplied with a magnetic strip, signature panel, full color printing and personalization just like the standard cards.

Please click on the chip if you already know the contactless smart chip you need. Please contact our sales department if you are not sure which chip suits you best.

Cardimpulz can offer you the following contactless chips

  • NXP chips (former Philips), (ISO/IEC 14443 Type A)
  • HID cards (125Khz & 13.5Mhz)
  • I-code cards
  • UHF cards
  • Combi cards

Contactless Card Accessories

Lanyard with clip
CardImpulz offers various colors of lanyards with the option of printing the company name or logo on it. Our sales department can inform you about the various options we offer.

Badge holder
CardImpulz can also supply you with transparent badge holders in various materials such as PVC, ABS, PET and PETG. We can offer various thicknesses and price ranges, for any further details please contact our sales department. The CardImpulz website will be updated soon with badge holder pictures and specifications.

NXP (Philips) chips

Feel free to send an email if you are not sure which of these chips is best for your business or event. Let us know what you expect from the cards, such as for example the reading distance. The reading distance can be increased by extending the copper antenna (copper coil). Our sales team will be happy to assist should you have any questions.

If desired CardImpulz can provide you also with compatible Chinese made versions of some of the above mention chips.

CardImpulz can also serve you well when you are looking for wristbands (silicone rubber, ABS or PVC) or different key fobs. Please contact our sales department at your convenience. Just like all our cards the keyfobs are available in PET, PETG, PVC or ABS.

MIFARE Ultra light
The NXP Ultra light card (paper or PVC) is perfect for single entry tickets for public transportation or an event for which the cards are needed only once. If you are looking for an inexpensive replacement for your current access system (with or without magnetic strip) then the MIFARE Ultra light is your best option. The mifare ultralight connected to the antenna using flipchip technology has lately become very popular.


  • 512 bytes EEPROM
  • Embedded antennaMifare 13.56MHz ISO14443A
  • Range of Operation: about 6cm to 11cm (2.5″ to 3.9″)
  • Dimension: CR80 standard credit card size
  • Material: PVC, ABS, PET, PETG & PLA

MIFARE Ultra light C
The MIFARE Ultra light C is the improved version with the same features as its predecessor, but it’s easier to integrate into your current system.

This IC card will be available soon.

The MIFARE mini has similar specifications to the 1K version. The only notable difference is the lower storage capability.


  • 320 bytes EEPROM
  • Embedded antenna
  • Mifare 13.56MHz ISO14443A
  • Range of Operation: about 6cm to 11cm (2.5″ to 3.9″)
  • Dimension: CR80 standard credit card size
  • Material: PVC, ABS, PET, PETG & PLA

The classic, introduced by Philips in 1995 with its many advantages is used all over the world. The MIFARE 1K card is mainly used in so called closed systems such as hotels, campgrounds, events, casinos and businesses.


  • 1K bytes EEPROM
  • Embedded antenna
  • Mifare 13.56MHz ISO14443A
  • Range of Operation: about 6cm to 11cm (2.5″ to 3.9″)
  • Dimension: CR80 standard credit card size
  • Material: PVC, ABS, PET, PETG & PLA

This is the improved version of the MIFARE 1K with more storage capabilities.


  • 4K bytes EEPROM
  • Embedded antenna
  • Mifare 13.56MHz ISO14443A
  • Range of Operation: about 6cm to 10 cm (2.5″ to 3.9″)
  • Dimension: CR80 standard credit card size
  • Material: PVC, ABS, PET, PETG & PLA

Available soon, please contact the sales department for further information.

MIFARE Desfire (EV1)

The MIFARE Desfire EV1 is suitable for service providers who are asking more from a smart card. MIFARE Desfire chips are able to store a multiple number of applications and files more as the standard Mifare 1k and 4k cards, and are therefore ideally suited for:

  • Companies with higher demands on security
  • Public transportation cards
  • Special events
  • Governmental Projects (on local and national level)


  • Contactless transmission of data
  • Range of Operation: up to 10cm (3.9″)
  • Operating frequency: 13.56 ISO 14443-4
  • Fast data transfer
  • High data integrity
  • Dimension: CR80 standard credit card size
  • Material: PVC, ABS, PET, PETG & PLA

Further Smart (chip) cards

I-code cards
The I-CODE SLI: SL2 (ICS20), just like the MIFARE, is a product of NXP (former Philips), these cards are well suited when needing a longer reading distance. Please contact our sales department for quotations and more information.

HID cards
HID provides various contactless cards (both the 125 Khz and the 13.Mhz ones) of which the Iclass is the best known. But HID also has several combo cards where they combine a 125 KHz chip with a 13.5 Mhz chip. Please contact our sales department for quotations and more information.

UHF (860 – 960 Mhz cards)
The UHF cards are extremely well suited for companies who need long data retention (up to 10 years) and increased reading distance from their smart cards. Please contact our sales department for quotations and more information.

Combi (dual frequency) cards
If you are looking for, for example a MIFARE card combined with another chip please contact our sales department and let us advise your best option. Our sales department will be pleased the assist you.

Additional to the above mentioned cards CardImpulz can also proved the Legic and Hitag series please check with our sales department.

For the manufacturer (inlays)
CardImpulz can offer you  inlays customized to your machine’s requirements ranging from 0.45mm to 0.75mm, both on 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz. Please contact our sales team for more information.

CardImpulz is the Card Professional for your Contactless smart cards!

With this video we would like to give you an impression how our Cardimpulz chip card is being produced by a milling and embedding machine.

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