• Business Card

    CardImpulz understands that you want to present yourself and your company as best as you can. Besides our standard business cards we can also supply transparent (see-through) cards, which will leave a professional impression on your contacts.

  • Contact Smart Card

    CardImpulz can provide you with the most common chips including; the well known Siemens SLE5542 and the SLE5528 (CardImpulz can also provide the 4442 and the 4428) & the entire Atmel range. These contact cards can be supplied with a magnetic strip, signature panel, full color printing and personalization just like the standard cards.

  • Contactless Smart Card

    Have you had enough of wasting time by reading the magnetic stripe or barcode and also the fact that they wear off after time? CardImpulz understands you and can offer the best quality chips for the best price because we purchase the chips directly from the chip manufacturers. Do not hesitate and contact CardImpulz, and request a quote for one of our card specialties, contactless cards!

  • Environmental Green Card

    From whatever angle you are looking at it, plastic cards are harmful for the environment. Obviously through the years, the card production, the printing process and the processing of the residual products have improved. And as a result of this, the cards we are using today are more environmental friendly.

  • Gift Card

    A Gift card is a card that will allow your customer to make a purchase in your store, of a previously fixed (programmed) amount. In the US, Japan and Australia gift cards are already a big success. Almost every retailer in the US, whether they own 1 shop or a chain of stores all over the country, they issue gift cards to their customers.

  • Hotel Key Card

    Whether you rent out a number of rooms in a guest house, or you manage an international 5 star hotel. You will probably agree that a plastic hotel key card is a vast improvement compared to the old fashioned room keys.

  • Loyalty Card

    A CardImpulz loyalty card is one of the most inexpensive yet effective ways to increase your customer loyalty. Imagine all those customers with a personalized card with your logo and/or name in their wallets, who think of your business every time they see that card. These are the customers that keep coming back to you, just because you’ve provided them with this loyalty/discount card.

  • Membership Card

    Whether you’re looking for membership cards for your sport club, fan club, association or any other type of organization, CardImpulz can provide you with a suitable card.

  • Metal Business Card

    Have you always wanted a sensational business card that nobody will ever forget, or throw away? The Cardimpulz Metal business cards create a fantastic first impression and are a guaranteed conversation starter.

  • Photo ID Card

    Our ID Cards are essentially the same as our membership cards, but CardImpulz dedicated a specific page due to the additional possibilities. Think of the advantages of a card bearing the photographs of individual members or employees.

  • RFID Wristband

    The RFID market is advancing, and so is Cardimpulz, by increase its product portfolio with new and innovative RFID products for your business and/or events. Cardimpulz can supply you with customized and/or personalized RFID Wristbands made of silicon, plastic, nylon and even bio degradable materials.

  • Scratch Card

    A scratch card is a card (usually paper) with a so called scratch-off removable safety (latex) layer. These cards enjoyed great interest several years ago as a recharge for mobile prepaid phones.

  • USB Card

    CardImpulz is always offering new products, and USB memory cards are one of them. The CardImpulz USB cards are available in different memory capacities and designs. Moreover CardImpulz is even able to create together with you a personalized USB card.

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