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Scratch cards

A scratch card is a card (usually paper) with a so called scratch-off removable safety (latex) layer. These cards enjoyed great interest several years ago as a recharge for mobile prepaid phones.

Professional and customized scratch cards!

In many parts of Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia these scratch cards are still extremely popular, and is it the best option for large phone network providers in these areas. Thanks to our network and knowledge of quality paper and plastic scratch cards CardImpulz is able to offer you these cards for a very competitive price.

In Western Europe, Middle East, USA and Australia these scratch cards are currently extremely popular among retailers using these cards as a sales promoter. The customer has the opportunity to win a prize by scratching the scratch layer. The scratch card is an ideal tool to boost your sales. Please feel free to contact our sales team for any assistance you might need.

Popular scratch card options

  • Scratch layer, usually a gray latex layer, with or without artwork.
  • Security scratch-off layer with holographic image.
  • Security scratch- off layer with a hot stamp image.
  • Numbering: Inkjet/Thermo transfer printing/ Laser engraving.
  • Barcode printing: Inkjet/Thermo transfer printing/ Laser engraving.
  • Aditional promotional leaflet, packed with the scratch cards.

Especially in the field of security CardImpulz can offer you many options, such as a customized scratch-off layer with your logo as a 3D hologram. Also an additional layer with a black core making it impossible to read underneath the scratch-off layer is on of the options. There are many other possibilities, please contact our sales department for further assistance.

Data management
Your personalization data is kept confidential at all times, using the highest security requirements.

Scratch Card Accessories

The promotion leaflet
As an additional promotional tool, CardImpulz can print a paper leaflet which could provide information such as contact information, promotions, etc, etc. This promotion leaflet will be packaged together with the scratch card.

CardImpulz is the professional in printed recharge, mobile cards and scratch & win cards. Contact our sales team for more information.

With this video we would like to give you an impression how our Cardimpulz chip card is being produced by a milling and embedding machine.

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