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Hotel key cards

Whether you rent out a number of rooms in a guest house, or you manage an international 5 star hotel. You will probably agree that a plastic hotel key card is a vast improvement compared to the old fashioned room keys.

Professional card printer for your hotel key cards!

CardImpulz hotel keycards can be programmed in such a way that your guest will have access to your room or facilities for the booked (determined) period. You’ll also be able to monitor which facilities the guest has used and in what frequency. (E.g. pool, fitness center, banquets, restaurant etc.). The CardImpulz cards are compatible with almost every door lock system, just indicate which system you are using and we’ll make sure you get the right key card.

The CardImpulz hotel key card can even serve as a loyalty card, when you use the card to promote the lunch in your restaurant (3rd person free on presentation of the card, or free dessert, etc.) Or if you’re a smaller inn/guesthouse you could cooperate with local retailers and restaurants to start a program. Please feel free to contact the CardImpulz sales department for more information.

Hotel keycards systems are getting more and more advanced these days, and a lot of hotels have already switch to a system using smart cards. CardImpulz can offer contact (e.g. SLE5542 and SLE5528) and contactless (Mifare or EM series) cards for these systems.

Besides the standard PVC plastic, Cardimpulz also offers:

  • Wooden hotel key cards (or Bamboo)
  • Bio PVC hotel key cards
  • Durable Paper Hotel key cards 

Hotel key card Accessories

Personalized hotel key card envelopes
CardImpulz can also print a customized card envelope to hold your key cards cards, so the keycards can be presented more properly to your guest. Please contact our sales department for more information. CardImpulz is the Card Professional card printer for your hotel key cards!

With this video we would like to give you an impression how our Cardimpulz chip card is being produced by a milling and embedding machine.

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